Welcome! if you Love 💚 CANNABIS please read this:

If you are a Cannabis Lover this site is for you. I am Cannabicultor, i’ve been growing weed all my life, my grandfather and my father also love the plants, thats how all my life i’ve been surrounded by plants of Cannabis. I created this site in order to conserve and protect the cannabis genetic, these days the companies and investing funds are using the cannabis plant to create profits, and in this process the cannabis plant is being separate from nature converting it in an asset, the traditional and organics growers are being supplanted by massive grows that doesn’t care about nature and carbon impact. The Cannabis Plant was consider prohibited and has never been under the control of any institution, so don’t let it happen now! That’s why i ask you to help me protect the cannabis genetics by participating in the Cannabis Genetics Conservation Club (CGCC). These is an non profit institution created by the support of the Cannabis Lovers, people that have an interest on preserving the cannabis genetics apart from the companies, and the greed of the money makers. No laws, no Banks, No leaders, just a community of cannabis lovers that compromise in the project thru the buy of an CGCC NFT, participating in the governance and voting on decisions in order to protect and conserve a pure cannabis genetic lineage.